Brave Kids: October Newsletter

Brave Kids: October Newsletter Staying Safe This Halloween Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and eating lots of goodies makes Halloween a special time for kids. And by following a few simple safety tips, Halloween can be a night enjoyed by all. Costume safety- be sure the costume is made from flame retardant materials, fits properly, […]

Brave Kids–August Newsletter

Does Having a Pet Change Your Child’s Behavior? Think twice before telling your child “no” the next time he or she begs you for a furry friend. A new study evaluated the association between the presence or arrival of pets in families with an individual with autism and the changes in his or her social […]

Resouces for Parents & Family

Happy Friday to all our UCP-OC blog enthusiasts! This post stems from a conversation with a parent, who although is a part of our Parent Email Network was not aware of a number of very valuable resources for a parent with special needs. Below we will cover 3 resources, Brave Kids (A new resource that is especially […]