Child of the Month – Meet Aurora!

Sweet, funny, and oh so adorable. When you meet Aurora for the first time, you know you won’t forget her. Her loving personality matches her kind spirit and she has a knack for comedy! Aurora brings so much happiness to her family and as the oldest child, is a wonderful role model for her baby sister.

Aurora’s parents, Marilu and Jesus, were told their baby girl has Down syndrome on the day she was born. As Marilu explains it, “It was a big surprise that we were not prepared for, but we learned about her diagnosis as much as we could. Aurora was born very healthy, no heart problems or any other health issues.”

Today, Aurora is almost two years old and her charismatic personality shines. She has been receiving services from UCP-OC since she was 3 months old. Currently, she is involved in the Early Intervention program and is reaching goals and milestones. With help from UCP-OC, Aurora can now use sign language to communicate when she wants “more.” This was a huge moment for their family and it has improved their quality of communication. Now, her family knows she likes something when she signs “more!”

Marilu shares that UCP-OC has greatly impacted their lives, “Because they have helped us to see that everything is possible. I had many concerns when I first found out about my daughter’s diagnosis, thinking that she would not be able to do things as typical children can. But with the help of Ana, our Child Development Specialist, we learned how to help her learn by stimulating her and doing different activities that help her reach milestones.”

Here at UCP-OC, we have no doubt that as happy, independent, and courageous Aurora grows, she will continue to reach milestones and attain her goals. We are so lucky to be able to provide these services for Aurora and her family and we consider it an honor to help them provide a Life Without Limits for their baby girl. If you are interested in supporting Aurora and other UCP-OC kiddos, click here to donate or get involved!


Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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