Child of the Month: September 2013

September 2013: Aya

Aya 1We first met Aya in March 2013 when her family flew “across the pond” from England so that she could receive services from UCP-OC. Aya is almost three years old and has an undeniable smile and the cutest little walker you will ever see!  Her difficulties with balance due to her CP and different medical approach in England brought her family to the states to receive services. Aya’s cousin received services from UCP-OC and insisted that Aya come to meet with our therapists.

During her visit in March, Aya began to walk with the assistance of her walker. She has about the cutest walker we have seen! This past August Aya’s family came to UCP-OC again. The UCP-OC Team has been working on refining the things they focused on the first visit and encouraging her towards walking independently. Aya is a strong clever girl that is determined to work and every day her family wakes up hoping and praying this will be the day she walks!

From the start Aya had difficulty with her balance and depended on her mother  to keep her upright. Throughout her time at UCP-OC, physical therapist Moira strengthened her tone, muscles and worked on other physical weaknesses characteristic of her cerebral palsy.

Her occupational therapist, Kristy, has been working diligently as well on her fine motor skills, as well as  assisting Aya with her ability to be more confident in her environment. Kristy works on these elements to allow her to enjoy all the fun things we have to offer (playgrounds, slides, Disney) by working on her body awareness, sensory regulation and emotional regulation. She is now more confident with using her body to help her explore her environment and she is able to enjoy playing with her sister in all environments. Aya’s treatment also focused on her using her right hand more and improving her fine motor skills.

Aya’s mother says, “UCP-OC has helped Aya clearly become a more confident child, overcoming her fears, working continuously and consistently targeting the weaknesses she ha. she is looking great and her character is evolving through the amazing team she works with!”

If you would like to make a gift to support the services that are helping Aya and her family, please click here or contact Elizabeth Eckman at  for more information.

Aya's Walker
Aya’s Walker
Aya with her sister and therapists Lisa and Kristy.
Aya with her sister and therapists Lisa and Kristy.

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The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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