UCP-OC | End of Year Update

Greetings Bloggers!

Well, the end of our fiscal year is coming up quickly! (June 30th, 2012) This means a few things to me (Elizabeth):

  1. A new year is beginning! – New ideas, new events, new budgets, ENDLESS possibilities!
  2. I have almost reached my annual giving goal, and UCP-OC has almost reached our organization wide goal. – Annual Giving is composed of donations from our families along with individuals in the community, and there is a mere $2,000 left to reach our goal! As an organization we have $100,000 left to raise in the next month, so if you have been saving your donation $$ for a special time..I think this just may be it! (See below for my reasoning. )
  3.  This marks my 1 year anniversary of working at UCP-OC. – Please no cards 🙂 Let me be the first to say what an incredible blessing it has been too! Not only have my eyes been opened to the world of fundraising and working at a non-profit, but I so treasure the families I have met in this past year. I marvel at the incredible moms and dads that constantly love on their children and strive to make a better life for their children so that they may experience a life that is not restricted by their disability. A life without limits!

I have so many ideas for next year, and I am excited to share them with all of you! (Be patient I have to finish out this year first.) I will give you a hint though: I truly long for, and my heart lies within: community. This year I want to create a community within UCP-OC that is invested in learning from each other through our blog, Facebook, Twitter and even our website.

First, I NEED to reach our fundraising goals!! I am proud to share that we are on target to raise a record $1.2 million this year thanks to families and donors like you. Through the month of June, every dollar that you give will be doubled thanks to a generous matching challenge from the OM Foundation. We have $100,000 left to raise, and we know that with you and the OM Foundation we can reach our goal! So as I said above, now is the time to donate because your gift will be matched!

If you would like to make a gift you can do so at www.ucp-oc.org/donate or mail it to United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County, 980 Roosevelt Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92620.

Many thanks for reading this and supporting UCP-OC this past year. Our gratitude can not be expressed enough.

-Elizabeth Wylie, Marketing & Development Coordinator


Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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