Life’s a Journey With CP and Me

Hi Everyone at UCP-OC!

I hope this post finds you well, and that you are enjoying the beautiful month of May. I cannot believe the time has come for me to move back home for the summer! Finals are over, and my dorm room is all packed up and the walls are bare! It’s nice to realize how much I made this place my little home away from home. I am looking forward to coming back in the fall to take on a new year! This year has taught me so many things about myself, about my education and about the world around me. I can’t wait to explore this aspect of my life even more over the next three years! It feels like only last month that I started blogging on here about my new college experiences with CP and such. We are almost half way into 2012, wow!

I haven’t posted in awhile because I am just at the tail-end of my recovery from surgery, actually. About five weeks ago, I found out that a stress fracture in my non-CP foot was actually a broken bone that I had been walking and running on for about three weeks prior. So now I have a 3 inch metal pin in my foot, super weird! It was definitely a rough experience—I was dependent on my family and friends to help me get around since I couldn’t drive, or walk without crutches. You can imagine how weird it is to have to rely on my CP side to give me the balance and coordination to keep off of my injured “good” foot. I had to get used to something so unfamiliar to me in such a short amount of time, so I think my body was in shock from the recovery process and the amount of energy my CP side had to exert as well. All in all, I learned so much from this though. I learned that it is important to listen to your body’s signs, and I learned that it is okay to ask for help. I grew to love my school even more because I truly felt constant support and love from my classmates and even professors, and that has shown me how special Soka is as a college.

But even more than all of that, I think the biggest thing I could have taken away from the past few weeks is how lucky I am to have the ability to walk. I never complain much, but sometimes it is easy to get caught up in how “inconvenient” it is to have CP. Having my walking ability be so hindered by my surgery for a little over a month has really allowed me to reflect on my circumstances in comparison to those who have CP more severely. I went to San Francisco a few weekends ago, and while those hills nearly made my legs fall off, I still felt very happy that I could get around the city alongside my family. I admire the courage it takes to let go of your pride and vanity a little when you need to depend on others to get through the day. I am happy to say that I am back on my feet, with a boot on to secure my foot from becoming more injured, but I am surprised by how well my recovery went. I am very conscious of my body’s ability now more than ever, and plan to take on these next few weeks with great ease so I can work my way up to running again in time for the half marathon early next year.

I hope all of you have a great start to the coming summer months, and maybe have a fun vacation planned with the ones you love. I know I am looking forward to this season!

Best Wishes, Katy

Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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  1. Katy, thanks for sharing this part of your journey. I’m in my 40’s & have CP & I have used the term “inconvient” to describe CP in my life since a friend of mine used it of her blindness when I was a teen. My prayer for you is that you will always see it as a mere inconvience & that it never becomes a barrier in your life.

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