Life’s a Journey With CP and Me

Hello UCP-OC!

Wow—Is spring break already right around the corner? I am looking forward to that, no doubt! The semester has been a busy one, but it keeps me motivated to stay on top of my work and health as well. I am recovering from a pretty bad cold, but finally getting back into my work out routine—and feeling pretty good!

For those of you who have been keeping up with this blog, I am still on track to run a half marathon in early 2013, so it is important for me to not only fall behind on my workouts, but to make sure I don’t injure myself! This weekend I am going to get fitted for some shoe inserts and new running shoes finally. My poor feet haven’t appreciated all the pressure and pounding I’ve put on them the past few weeks, so I figure it’s time to invest in a good pair of shoes to rid of any injury risk! I am occasionally experiencing some joint pain in my feet and knees, so I know I am due for some new shoes. I don’t think it’s anything serious, but I am noticing more discomfort that wasn’t there before I started running regularly, so hopefully I can get myself in better condition since I am taking on a pretty ambitious run! If you know anything about CP, you learn quickly that we aren’t the best candidates for running or extensive exercise because the muscles that are affected by CP fatigue much faster than normal. For me, since I have CP on only my left side, my right leg overcompensates pretty much all the time for my weaker side, which causes me some discomfort while I run. It’s nothing I haven’t learned to work through during all my years of AYSO soccer and weight training!

Well enough about me—I’d like to let you guys know that sign-ups for the OC Marathon are still going on, you even get a discount if you sign up before March 31st! I originally planned to join in on the 5k fun, but as it turns out there is a school event that is on the same day. I’m bummed I can’t be there physically to support Team UCP-OC, but you still can! Running/walking is a great form of exercise and it is super fun to get a group of friends out there to support a great cause together! And not only that, but I think that by joining UCP in their efforts, you are also helping promote awareness and education about what UCP-OC does for children in our community. So please take a moment to consider signing up for the 5k, what have you go to lose? J

Well, I am off to do some yoga tonight; hopefully it’ll loosen my legs up a bit! I love yoga, it’s a great way get in some extra stretching and relaxation too!

Bye for now! Katy


2 thoughts on “Life’s a Journey With CP and Me

  1. Mae Sarmiento

    Would you know if we can jog/walk the 5K pushing a wheelchair of a family member with CP? The OC marathon said it is ok to bring baby stroller joggers, but I just want make sure if it’s ok for wheelchairs as well?

    • Life Without Limits: United Cerebral Palsy of OC

      Hi Mae,

      Yes, you can jog/walk the 5K pushing a wheelchair. We would love to have your whole family participate on Team UCP-OC Families! The OC Marathon does request that families with strollers, joggers and wheelchairs start in the back of the group for safety reasons.

      Please let us know if you have any questions. Contact Elizabeth at or (949) 333-6412


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