Child of the Month: March 2012


Alyna is the youngest of four and unlike many of our children, was carried to full term and born at 7lbs. At nine months, her doctor discovered that she was not meeting her milestones; her arms and legs were locked and she didn’t move from side to side. One week after finding out she had CP, the family was at UCP-OC for her evaluation. The family acted quickly on their neurologist Dr. McIntosh’s suggestion, “You need to go to UCP-OC, they are specialists in treating children and babies with disabilities.” She is working with Kristy and Lisa on relaxing the muscles that are keeping her from moving her arms and legs. At 18 months she is now moving her limbs and the family has witnessed her first complete roll-over.

Her mother, Adriana, remembers the experience as being terrifying and very emotional, but the therapists were great at getting her to understand in detail what to expect with Alyna and they never lost patience with her many questions.  For a mother that knew nothing about the journey of having a child with special needs, UCP-OC helped her understand in detail what to do with her daughter to help her meet her milestones.

Adriana knew nothing about the journey with a child a disabilities, and is very grateful for the support she found at UCP-OC. Alyna recently, received (very cute, pink) orthotics from United Way that will help her standing and walking on her own. 

Alyna receives support through a grant given by the United Way of Orange County. The grant supplies families that qualify, funding for UCP-OC’s Early Intervention program as well as orthotics if needed. Alyna is still getting used to her orthotics, but we are very excited to see the impact it will make in her progression towards walking.

Alyna is known at UCP-OC for making the cutest faces. Her “stinkeye” will let you know exactly what she is thinking, as they say actions speak louder than words. Well in Alyna’s case looks speak much louder than words. She is very determined, and if she get something the first time she will keep trying.   



“UCP-OC brings the strength out of a mom.” – Adriana





If you would like to make a gift to support the services that are helping Alyna and her family please click here or contact Elizabeth at for more information.


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