Hot Off the Press…a second time.

Last month we posted the a few interesting articles from the UCP SmartBrief. Due to the excited responses we received we will be doing a post like this every month! Hope you enjoy the following articles about individuals living a Life Without Limits and learing about the new technology available to children with special needs. This is a compilation of the top 10 stories and I thought many of you would benefit from reading them. Also, last post we highlighted an article about a young girl who was denied a kidney transplant because of her intellectual disability and this month we have an update for you!
So please scroll through and look at a few that interest you!  Please leave us a comment with your opinions!
-Elizabeth Wylie

UPDATE: Hospital sorry for handling girl with disability 

A Philadelphia hospital is apologizing for how it handled the case of a 3-year-old who was reportedly denied a transplant because she has an intellectual disability. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia issued a statement Wednesday along with Joe and Chrissy Rivera, a New Jersey couple who went public last month saying they were told that their daughter could not receive a life-saving kidney transplant because of her disability.  Disability Scoop (2/16)

Study finds many adults with disabilities lack daily activities

Many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities lack a schedule of daily activities, according to a new study published in the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Researchers from Vanderbilt University found that those without routine activities often were those with more emotional, behavioral and health difficulties, and often were underserved by the community or had parents who were unable to provide adequate care. Disability Scoop (2/15)

Researchers: Behavioral-intervention results are inconclusive

Researchers with What Works Clearinghouse said results were inconclusive in a review of 166 studies of an intervention program sometimes used to help reduce aggression and teach social skills to students with disabilities. The Incredible Years program, which has won numerous awards and is used in 15 countries, comprises training programs for parents, educators and children. It is used in small-group settings to address difficult behavior or in larger groups as a preventive intervention. Education Week/On Special Education Blog (2/16)

 Researchers tie autism spectrum disorders to impaired motor skills News (2/16) 

Is technology causing an increase in Braille illiteracy?

More individuals who cannot see or who have visual impairments are using text-to-speech software on smartphones, and other assistive technology to complete tasks, instead of Braille. Experts say the trend is leading to a troubling increase in Braille illiteracy, with just 10% of those who cannot see now estimated to be proficient in Braille, a significant decrease since the early 1900s. National Public Radio/All Tech Considered blog (2/13) 

Technology is used to enhance lessons for students with autism

Interactive whiteboards and iPad tablet computers are being used to help improve communication and other skills among some students with autism in Ontario. Teacher David Balfour said the technology helps make repetition — a component of instruction for students with autism — more interesting and engaging, and research is under way to determine whether the technology helps improve learning, as well. The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (2/15)

 Man with cerebral palsy creates online radio station about living with disabilities (New Bedford, Mass.) (2/16)

 Computer programs may help screen for psychiatric problems in teens

Reuters (2/15)

Broadway musicals to stage more autism-friendly performances

The Washington Times/The Associated Press (2/13)

 Former “Top Chef” contestant participates in UCPlay Project

 Part of UCP of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, UCPlay Project and a former Bravo “Top Chef” contestant visited a California high school for a student culinary challenge. The eight-week program was developed to help students with disabilities gain communication and social skills for the next transitional phase of their lives. UCPlay Project


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