A member of our UCP-OC Staff wanted to share this story with our families. She has been impacted by Angel and his family’s story. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we do!

Angel is a sweet, lovable and intelligent 24-month-old who UCP-OC has served through our In-Home Infant Stimulation program since July, 2011. Angel was born four months premature which left him struggling with several developmental delays. Tragically, Angel has trouble digesting food which is fed alternately through his mouth and through a G-tube.

Angel’s family has been faced with many challenges. His mom, now a single mother with 5 children, must juggle Angel’s many medical appointments as well as speech therapy for his 4-year old sibling. Finding a stable job to work around all these parenting demands has become nearly impossible for her. As a result, many of the basic bills for this family of 6 remain unpaid, including rent and utilities for their apartment.

As the Child Development Specialist working with this family, I gradually learned how dire their situation was and that they were on the verge of being evicted from their apartment.  To keep this family in their home, I realized that we had no time to lose and turned to UCP-OC’s Director of Programs for emergency assistance.  We contacted a generous resource which effectively, quickly and with a great sense of humanity helped Angel and his family with the amount due for the rent and utilities. Not all problems have been resolved for this family, but prompt action by UCP and our benefactors prevented Angel and his family from being on the street. “Life Without Limits” is something we practice every day in our work as an organization committed to the welfare of children with special needs and their families. UCP-OC’s impact in our communities through its various programs makes a big difference, and it’s what drives us to continue doing the work we do.

– Moraima


Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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