February 2012: Damian & Victoria

Taking a look at the picture to your left I am sure you have noticed that this month is not just one child of the month. No, this month is double the fun with Damian and Victoria, the children of the month for February!  “Victoria and Damian were brought into this world much too early, much too small and very sick. They were born at only 27 weeks weighing only 2lbs each.”  As parents, Miriam and David had to watch as their children fought for their life. Between the two children, everything that could happen to a newborn did, and it was four months before the parents could bring both healthy children home. 

The months and years to come brought new obstacles the twins had to overcome, but each obstacle was met with the help of UCP-OC. Around one years-old the twins were showing signs of delayed development and a family’s PT friend referred the family to UCP-OC. She simply said, “get connected and get over there. You are looking for the best therapy and you will find it there.”

Both children came to UCP-OC for PT with Moira and Melanie, soon they began some OT with Myra, Infant Stimulation with Ria and most recently Speech with Patty and Christine. With this dream team, the twins worked on starting to crawl, fine and gross motor skills and speaking. Soon they started crawling and now they are cruising around the lobby walking greeting everyone they can.

Victoria and Damian love it at UCP-OC, and look forward to their sessions with their friends at UCP-OC.

Damian and Victoria are two peas in a pod, I dare to say they are opposites that keep each other going. Damian is cautious and calculated. He analyzes each situation before making a move. Although he may be the rule follower, he is also the snuggler of the family and will shower love on those around him. Victoria is the dare-devil. She will climb anything, and there is no stopping her. She is not what you would call a “lap child” but rather she is more cautious to show affection…unless you are a member of UCP-OC, then she will love on you!

The Daboub family is the first family walking in the OC Marathon on Team UCP-OC Families for their two children and to raise money for UCP-OC.

“Now at almost two years old our babies are doing everything two years should be.  Thanks to the help of UCP of Orange County our babies have reached all of the milestones that we were once told may never happen.

On May 6th, 2012, we will be walking the 5K in the OC Marathon…. Not only in celebration of our miracle babies, but to help raise much needed awareness and funds for UCP-OC.  They need our help in order to continue offering these great services to so many children in need in our community.  So join Team UCP-OC Families and let’s help this wonderful place so many kids depend on.”

-Miriam & David

Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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  1. They’re precious! As a mother of twins I know how different they can be. I’m thankful to UCP-OC, they’re loving people, they help my family. Congratulations and hope many people sign up to support UCP!

  2. Thanks Carol! We are so grateful to UCP-OC and hope we have a good turn out! Please spread the word!!

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