Child of the Month: January 2012


Abby has been a miracle from day one.

She is a surviving twin born at 23 weeks and 6 days, less than 1.5lbs and a just shy of 12 inches. Due to the prematurity of Abby, the doctors told her parents not to expect her to cry or make any noises in the delivery room. Much to everyone’s surprise Abby let out a cry in the delivery room, and she has been beating the odds ever since.

Abby is a testament to the importance of Early Intervention. The family started with in-home services before moving to California, and upon moving they have moved to inside UCP-OC’s facilities.  Her parents felt a connection with UCP-OC from the moment they stepped into our Life Without Limits Therapy Center for a tour. Her mother has fought for her insurance to allow them to bring Abby here.

She comes into the Life Without Limits Therapy Center for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy with Moira and Melanie. During physical therapy she is learning how to use each leg independently of the other, disassociation of the legs. Like many of the children here, she spends much of her time at UCP-OC working on strengthening her core. She has an incredible motivation to walk, so they work the treadmill with a harness that holds her core so she can work on the motion of walking. Abby has also started wearing orthotics so that her foot is forced in her shoe and she can move past the treadmill and walk on her own!

Abby has fought everyday to be at the place she is. Her determination has allowed her to catch up to normal height, weight and cognitive abilities of other children her age. She has surpassed her doctor’s diagnoses and expectations. She truly is the “Little Engine that could!”




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