Life’s a Journey with CP and Me: Teen Night

Hello UCP-OC!

Wow—are we really already half way done with December? I can’t believe it… but it doesn’t make me less excited for the holidays! My favorite thing to do around this time of the year is walk around Balboa Island to look at all the pretty Christmas lights on the houses, boats, and docks. 🙂

On another note, I want to talk about the Friday Night Club that a few friends and I from Soka went to a few weeks back. I was so happy to have people take an interest in going to the Life Without Limits Center, I think there was probably about 30 people total, I could be wrong—but that was a nice surprise! Regardless, I know we all had a lot of fun hanging out with other teens from the center and other schools. There were yummy treats set out and fun games like Jenga and Bingo that we were all able to play together.  I loved that they also showed the movie Elf…that just so happens to be one of my favorite movies! Will Ferrell is hilarious in general, let alone him as an elf in tights!

We would definitely like to come back maybe when we come back for our spring semester; I got a lot of great feedback from the other students at Soka. A few upperclassmen told me how they wished they had known about the center when they first came to the school because they really love what UCP is all about and that they work with young people of all ages. Some students even asked me when we could go back as we made our way home! So it was definitely a success for all of us, I think… I am glad both the Soka students and teens from the center seemed to have a positive response. It made me very happy knowing that ability level was not a factor at all that night, and that we could all have fun together 🙂 The center is such a great resource not just for babies and children, but teens and young adults as well! It was nice also to be able to bring a greater awareness about disabilities on campus, and share about my CP as well to a few of my classmates.

Other than that—I am on my last few exams for finals and then I am done! It will be such a relief to be done for a bit and spend some time with my family and friends. College is sometimes so busy, but it has definitely helped me become more efficient with my time and organize my priorities! I’ve definitely realized that the academics alone are not even half of what you learn in college. I have probably learned more about myself and in the past few months than I have in a few years just by immersing myself in everything that college has to offer me.



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