Child of the Month: November


The month November has many important days such as Thanksgiving… and Black Friday, as well as its our Child of the Month, Dylan’s, birthday! Dylan Delgadillo was born prematurely on 11/05/09, arriving about 15 weeks early and weighing only 900 grams (under 2lbs.). He needed to have a prolonged hospital stay as he gained weight and strength, and needed the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. His young parents, Brian and Melanie have struggled with Dylan’s situation – Brian works full-time and Melanie was a student who now stays home to care for Dylan. This young family has moved to Huntington Beach to co-reside with the grandmother in order to meet all their needs.

At 8 months-old, Dylan was responding as a 4 month-old, which as considered within normal limits due to his prematurity – but he was clearly at high-risk for developmental delay. Due to stricter eligibility criteria form the State of California, he did not qualify for the State’s Early Start program, however he was entered into the Prevention Plan and began Let’s Grow classes at UCP-OC with Moira, one of our highly experienced Physical therapists. At 17 months-old (13 months adjusted), Dylan was not walking and Moira suggested that he be fitted with orthotics to give him greater stability.

In April, he received his orthotics, funded through United Way’s grant, and within 1 week Dylan began to walk; within 2 weeks he was taking steps on his own; and within 3 weeks was walking through his home independently. By mid-June Dylan was practicing going up/down stairs.


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