Alexa is an 18 month-old with the cutest pony-tails on the top of her head. Her smile melts your heart and you cannot help but smile back! Even better, Alexa knows exactly what to do when a camera is present. Lights, camera, action…she’s a star! Alexa even knows how to perform behind a camera too! While I was taking pictures of her, she took my camera and started taking pictures of herself, simply adorable.

Alexa has hypotonia, which means she has low muscle tone and hyper extension in her limbs. At six months the family saw that she had trouble bearing weight, and went to see a doctor. After many tests and a diagnosis, Dr. Lin suggested the family come to UCP-OC. Her mother only says great things of our Therapy Center and loves that Melanie and Jeanne tell her what to do at home and that it is a professional organization with a kid friendly atmosphere.

Alexa attends UCP-OC for physical therapy with Melanie, and speech therapy with Jeanne. Who knew physical therapy could be so fun?! Alexa’s physical therapy started with the tire swing so she could work on standing with support, then went into the ball pit to work on strengthening her core, next she went to the piano and started playing (hitting) a lovely melody and that was all in just the first 5 minutes! During her speech therapy Jeanne works with Alexa to start making sounds and introduce words to her vocabulary. Singing the words allows Alexa to hear the sound each letter makes, so that learning new words becomes easier. In just a short 10 months they have seen her start pulling up, taking steps and strengthening her core. Alexa certainly will live a Life Without Limits!

 “Watching her grow is a huge blessing even in the 10 months we have been here.”

-Anna, Alexa’s Mother


(This last picture Alexa took herself with my iPhone. Too cute!)


Published by Life Without Limits: UCP of Orange County

The mission of UCP of Orange County is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families.

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