17th Annual Life Without Limits Golf Tournament

Monday October 24th marked the 17th Annual Life Without Limits Autumn Golf Classic! Over 120 golfers and supporters of UCP-OC came out to participate and raise money for UCP-OC. The tournament’s founding sponsor was DLD Insurance Brokers Inc. whose CEO Dana Dowers came up with the idea almost 20 years ago.  Tournament Chairman, Scott Pievac, […]

Babysitting Bridget

The Music Addition       Written by: Ellie  Bridget, Cathy and I were on my front doorstep a few weekends ago, and Bridget was excited. I didn’t actually realize why until Cathy said the word “piano”. Immediately, Bridget began clapping and repeating “piano, piano!” The door opened, she reached towards the bench, and we […]

October Child of the Month: Alexa

Alexa Alexa is an 18 month-old with the cutest pony-tails on the top of her head. Her smile melts your heart and you cannot help but smile back! Even better, Alexa knows exactly what to do when a camera is present. Lights, camera, action…she’s a star! Alexa even knows how to perform behind a camera too! […]