Make Insurance Cover Autism

We received this e-mail and thought we would pass it along to our readers 🙂

Your advocacy is needed to help protect the services our children are currently entitled to under California’s Lanterman Act. Please see below as to what action steps are requested.




Help Save the Lanterman Act!

Help Save Lanterman Act Services!

Take Action!

Make Insurance Cover Autism

Dear Friends,

2012 is going to be another brutal budget year for the developmental services that our entire community depends on. As with every year since 2009, we’ll have to fight hard to save the Lanterman Act.

But we don’t have to wait. Please take 45 seconds TODAY to send an email to Assembly Speaker John Perez. Ask him to allow passage of the bill to make insurers covers behavioral therapy for autism spectrum disorders, saving the state millions of dollars and thus helping avert more damaging service cuts next year. 

I wrote you about the bill last week. The response was fantastic, especially from the autism segment of the developmental disability community. Now we need more response from everyone.

Just click on “Take Action” (upper right). That will take you to an Arc page where you’ll see the same Action Alert you’re reading right now. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and fill in the information to send Speaker Perez the simple email.

A lot of you have asked what’s happened since the Action Alert last week. The insurance industry, which is fighting us tooth and nail, won what we hope will be a temporary victory when the bill didn’t advance from the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

But Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, the bill’s author, has made this his highest personal priority for the last week and a half of the legislative session. He’s negotiating now with Speaker Perez – the one person with the power to let the bill move forward.

If Senator Steinberg, who doesn’t even have any family members with developmental disabilities, can put hours into this, surely more us can take 45 seconds to send an email. And also forward this Action Alert to anyone you know who might be willing to help. 

Thank you for your advocacy.



Greg deGiere

Public Policy Director

The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy in California

1225 – 8th Street, Suite 350

Sacramento, CA 95814

916-552-6619 x16 (office)

916-223-7319 (mobile)

916-441-3494 (fax)

916-441-3494 (fax)


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