Policemen, Firemen, Sirens OH MY!

I remember being a child and watching in wonder as the fire trucks drove by, sirens blaring as they rushed to put out a fire. Being a girl I didn’t dream of being a Firefighter, but I did relish the idea of a trip to the fire station to learn about how they put out fires! […]

Birthday Parties on a Budget

    Unfortunately, birthdays don’t know whether or not your family is on a budget, they come every year regardless. Here are 3 creative ideas that Real Simple shared on the Today Show that are easy on the budget but still fun for everyone! The video gives you a visual and instructions on each different […]


I mentioned in an earlier post that UCP-OC continues to grow! We are veryexcited looking at the growth of our organization. We are serving nearly 4,000 families despite the budget cuts! This means that more families are recieving our programs, more children are participating in our recreational activities and more parents are getting the support they need. Which […]

Life’s a Journey With CP and Me

Hello Everyone at UCP-OC! My name is Katy Fetters and I am a college freshman at Soka University right here in Orange County! To introduce myself a bit more, I was born with mild hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and I feel fortunate enough to get around okay with my CP, but I do experience much of […]

Child of the Month: September

Kaitlyn School is started this week, and Kaitlyn can’t wait to start her year off as a sophomore in high school, she loves being around her peers. Kaitlyn was born 2 months premature and spent her first 5 weeks in the hospital. In 1997 she was diagnosed with CP, and that’s where the family’s relationship […]

Fundraising Update!

  Bonner Paddock, founder of OM Foundation, recently stopped by for a tour of our facilities and gifted United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County with a check for $35,000 in support of our programs! Paddock is a cerebral palsy advocate and continually raises money to ensure that UCP-OC can maintain serving our community of special […]