Certain Proof: A Question of Worth

A revolutionary documentary has entered the world through the hard work of director Ray Ellis. This highly regarded film master has addressed a topic that is common in our daily lives: how can children and teens with cerebral palsy thrive in public schools? The documentary follows the lives of three children with cerebral palsy and documents their everyday routine struggles that come along with attending public school. Throughout the film, the children try to prove their worth and ability to be taught just as any other child can. The three individuals face countless barriers to a successful education, and with the help of their zealous mothers, they join with many others to fight for a voice in education. This film is the perfect starting point to fight for your child’s voice too. To view a trailer of the film, click on the link below. We encourage you to take a few minutes and watch it. It will without a doubt leave you wanting to see more!

In this photo (from left to right): Kevin and Nicole Elder, director and producer Ray Ellis, Cathleen Collins, and Pam Patterson.

You can view the trailer for this movie at the below link:

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Written by: Ellie